Thursday, November 16, 2006

"Specimen Dispenser" preliminary sketches

I recently had a "Specimen" sculpture selected for a competition in London (displayed at Canary Warf, Barclays Global Headquarters). This was encouraging and so I have decided to push on with the next phase of this project.

I've also started "moving off" the canvas. The previous sculptures were all canvas-based (with the exception of the Bio Clock) and whilst I will continue to produce these I want to try something different as well. Manipulating the canvas, cutting its flesh and embedding components into the surface is very surgical and gives me a nice perverse feeling as the skin of the painting is something that artists treat with great care. Howvere the time has come to have more depth available and space in which to sculpt. This new sculpture will be housed in a wooden box with an acrylic cover (I drank the contents :-)

The themes of the earlier pieces are still there but I am introducing some new ideas , in particular I am now putting any controls, such as switches or buttons behind one or more acrylic layers. The inability to have any access to the controls is a metaphor for my own lack of control, over the natural world, in particular my biology and all its inherent flaws and advantages.

I will post pictures here of the finished sculpture.