Friday, November 23, 2007

CCTV: Sculpture

I have now uploaded a video of the CCTV sculpture to YouTube see below;

I'm always looking for opportunities to exhibit my sculptures so if you are interested drop me a line( add a comment to the blog)

This is what the piece is about.

"Technological developments bring wonderful opportunities to share knowledge, fight injustice, bring pleasure and uphold democratic ideals. The same tools can be used against us. Society needs protection but it is the duty of citizens to challenge every new security measure and ask whether security is being used to deny democratic debate or reduce personal freedom.

Security must always be proportionate, citizens have the right to privacy and must not automatically be assumed to criminal suspects by the state. Truly democratic governments will use technology to open up their processes to public scrutiny.

We are assured that security is required to protect us from "evil doers" but we must continue to imagine what our society would be like if the control of this technology fell into the worse possible hands. For some people, in some countries,this has already happened."