Friday, August 07, 2009

Shroud Haemorrhage: New Abstract Painting

Shroud Haemorrhage is my largest abstract to date. The layers in this picture have been built up over several months. Paint has been applied and then scraped off when dried. There is texture to the final painting in places. The painting is about the non-seperation of body and mind and how the idea of self is a function of the physical body. Despite this being a fundamentally athiest painting, "shroud" like areas of the canvas were revealed as I worked on them and and as I liked these aesthetically I left them in.

Note: This is painted on a slim canvas (depth about 1cm). the sides are painted black and its ready to hang, but you may prefer to get this painting framed, the choice is yours.

Full Painting 24x36 inches

Detail 1

Detail 2

Details 3