Friday, September 04, 2009

Updated Biography

Its always weird writing/updating biographical details, I feel vaguely pretentious writing about myself :-) Still its necessary to spread the word!

Gareth Buxton discovered his creative impulses only recently. Having pursued a career in a technical industry a near fatal car crash in 2004 pushed him headlong into the world of art. As well as establishing himself as a professional landscape painter he pursued a parallel path of creating visceral art from hand crafted pseudo-biological objects and electronic components. The final found-object sculptures are artistic meditations on medicine, science, technology, mortality and his strongly held rational atheist ideas. As well as selling sculptures to collectors Gareth has achieved recognition in several national competitions with his unique view of the world. He strongly acknowledges Francis Bacon as a key influence in his work but equally attributes inspiration from artist/novelist Clive Barker and the film director David Cronenberg.