Sunday, November 22, 2009

Citizen Protector (Home Bio-Analyser)

This assemblage art work imagines an object of technology from a future history. The unit itself would take daily DNA, blood, hormone readings from all occupants of every house in the UK. These readings along with iris measurements identify the occupants of a house in a "daily census". The information gathered by the device is used to profile and predict possible future "terrorist" acts. It has a slot at the base to read the users (compulsory) ID Card. The fitting of the device to each house is a legal requirement.

This is a warning, we are drifting towards a culture that treats all citizens as terrorists by default. The creeping influence of CCTV, DNA abuse and misuse of anti-terrorist legislation for democratic protest are precurors to the possible introduction of such devices - for our own "protection". Lets make sure that it doesn't happen.

Citizen Protector (Home Bio-Analyser) - Front View

Citizen Protector (Home Bio-Analyser) - Side View