Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Night Cavity #2 : New Sculpture

This is my latest sculpture, its mixed media/assemblage art. Mounted in a 8x8 deep edge canvas. The "organ" part the glows is made of moulded fabric/paper and acrylic paints. The illumination is provided by a high brightness LED. This powered by a 2xAA batteries, connected to a home made circuit, which is a light-dependent resistor and a "Darlington pair" of two transistors. This detects when its dark and switches on the LED. The batteries last weeks and it looks quite different at night to during the day.

Finished sculpture

Whole view of sculptures

The preset resistor (blue on left) allows the circuit to be "calibrated" so you can decide how dark it needs to be before it switches on.

The sculpture and electronics before assembly